Document Title S E I R Industry Business Center Vol 2
Type Final EIRs (All Types)
SCH# 2003121086
County Name Los Angeles ( South / Coastal CA Region )
Lead Agency Industry, City of
Note: Extended Review Per Lead The Industry Business Center (IBC) site consists of a 245-acre parcel on the east side of Grand Avenue and a 347-acre parcel on the west side of Grand Avenue. The 2004 IBC Plan of Development, which was analyzed in the certified 2004 IBC Environmental Impact Report (State Clearinghouse #2003121086), created several large Planning Areas for the development of up to 4.8 million square feet of built space, including 633,000 square feet of industrial uses, 1,268,000 square feet of retail uses, and 2,878,000 square feet of office uses. The proposed revisions to the 2004 IBC Plan of Development would cover approximately 512 acres of the 592-acre IBC site. The proposed changes to the 2004 IBC Plan of Development would eliminate the current conceptual Planning Areas in favor of a specific project plan that would reduce the total square footage of office, retail and industrial space by approximately 1,794,000 square feet and replaces these uses with a new stadium and related facilities. The revised Plan of Development would include, among other things, a National Football League (NFL) stadium with practice fields, team training facilities, and team offices; a sports medical center; retail uses; restaurants; entertainment uses; other office buildings; and parking areas to accommodate all uses. Certain aspects of the 2004 IBC Plan of Development, including preservation of the Diamond Bar Creek area, would not be changed and are not part of the project area included in the revised Plan of Development.

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