Document Title I S - N O P Wilmington Waterfront Project
Type Other Project Documents
SCH# 2008031065
County Name Los Angeles ( South / Coastal CA Region )
Lead Agency Los Angeles City Harbor Department
The proposed project would encompass 58 acres within the 95-acre program area along the Avalon Boulevard Corridor and the Waterfront District. The major elements of the project include pedestrian-oriented features and a waterfront promenade; enhancement of the Avalon Boulevard commercial corridor; commercial, industrial, and retail development; open space; an observation tower; and transportation enhancements, linkages, and improvements. The project would include removal and remediation of existing LADWP oil tanks. The proposed project would also extend the Red Car Line and California Coastal Trail along John S. Gibson Boulevard and Harry Bridges Boulevard; and develop a Red Car museum in the Bekins Building.

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