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The California Air Pollution Control Officers Association (CAPCOA) is pleased to release a resource guide to addressing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from projects subject to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

This resource guide has been prepared to support local governments as they develop their programs and policies around climate change issues. It is not a guidance document. It is not intended to dictate or direct how any agency chooses to address GHG emissions. Rather, it is intended to provide a common platform of information about key elements of CEQA as they pertain to GHG, including an analysis of different approaches to setting significance thresholds.

The resource guide also contains an organized review of available tools and models for evaluating GHG emissions, and an overview of strategies for mitigating potentially significant GHG emissions from projects. As we note, these tools need to be updated and improved, however they can be used now. CAPCOA intends to revise the resource guide periodically to include updated tools and models, and the most current mitigation strategies.

Finally, we recognize that this is an evolving policy area, especially in light of the passage of the Global Climate Change Solutions Act of 2006 (AB-32). As the California Air Resources Board and other state agencies and offices develop policies and regulations to address GHG emissions, the interface between CEQA and these other programs may change. This resource guide is offered in the spirit of making tools and information available in a straightforward and useful manner to help us all move forward in a coordinated and collaborative way.

Questions and comments should be directed to John Yu: For more information about CAPCOA, please visit their website at

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