Document Title H M Holloway Landfill Draft E I R Vol 1
Type Draft EIRs (All Types)
SCH# 2002111102
County Name Kern ( South CA Region )
Lead Agency Kern County Planning Department
Conditional Use Permit for a Nonhazardous Class III Industrial Waste Landfill, Modification of existing CUPs to exclude this site from a surface mine and reclamation permit; Recession of CUP for landfilling/reclamation; Solid Waste Facility Permit from CIWMB for up to 2,000 tons per day to allow the following industrial waste streams: 1) Spent sandblast media; 2) Dewatered Class A and Class B municipal biosolids; 3) Chipped construction lumber; 4) Treated auto shredder waste; 5) Cogeneration ash (fly ash); 6) Shredded auto tires; (7) Designated asphalt products; (8) Concrete/cement rubble (9) Lime filter cake; Add facility to Integrated Waste Management Plan-Siting Element; obtain Waste Discharge Requirements; obtain Authority to Construct Permits from SJVAPCD for gas flares. The site was a former surface mine that has left existing pits which will be used for waste disposal.

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