Document Title D E I R Esparto High School
Type Draft EIRs (All Types)
SCH# 2005042152
County Name Yolo ( North CA Region )
Lead Agency Esparto Unified School District
The proposed project will include the acquisition and construction of a high school, which includes academic and school office buildings, playing fields, a gymnasium, a student union, tennis courts, basketball courts, parking for both students and faculty, a bus parking area, an outdoor instructional amphitheatre, and agricultural sciences area. The first phase of the project would include the construction of facilities to support a student population of 600. Based on the School Facilities Needs Analysis (Government Financial Strategies Inc., 2004), a 600-student campus is projected to support the community for the next 10 years. Title 5, California Code of Regulations, states that education facilities planned by school districts shall be master-planned to provide for maximum site enrollment. EUSD determined that a single site campus would be better for the student population and allow expansion of student services as dictated by growth in the school district over the next 40 to 50 years. In support of the EUSD's long-term planning goals and to avoid the need for an additional high school in the future, the proposed project site could accommodate future expansion of buildings and other facilities capable of supporting up to 2,000 students. Construction of additional facilities will be implemented only on an as-needed basis, in response to community growth. Therefore, the document addresses, on a programmatic EIR level, the impacts of acquisition and construction of a high school capable of accommodating up to 2,000 students, and analyzes on a project-specific level, the impacts associated with constructing facilities to support an initial phase of 600 students. Subsequent phases include an interim phase of 1,000 students and a potential maximum build-out phase of 2,000 students. Current projections indicate that a 1,000-student campus will be needed in approximately 25 years. The proposed site is approximately 64.55 acres. The site plan for the 600-student campus and the 1,000-student campus are similar in layout. Therefore, the 1,000-student layout will serve as the model for the physical impacts of the project for approximately 25 years. The 1,000-student campus is designed with 30.3 acres of open space, including the student agricultural program, and 34.25 acres of school buildings, parking, bus-parking facility, gymnasium, courts, football stadium, and baseball diamond.

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