Document Title M N D Parking Lot 57 Uc Davis
Type Mitigated Negative Declarations
SCH# 2005032088
County Name Yolo ( North CA Region )
Lead Agency University of California, Davis
UC Davis proposes to develop approximately three and one-half acres within the Health Sciences District (HSD) for the Parking Lot 57 Project, which would include the construction and operation of a new, approximately 270-space surface parking lot northwest of the intersection of West Health Sciences Drive and Garrod Drive. The proposed project would help implement Mitigation Measure 4.14-3(b) from the 2003 Long Range Development Plan (2003 LRDP) EIR, which requires UC Davis to monitor parking demand and to provide additional parking if the winter parking utilization rate is expected to exceed 90 percent. The project would provide additional parking in the HSD to meet expected demand generated by several new buildings that have recently been constructed or are under construction and will open within the next two years. The need for additional parking also results from the loss of some existing parking to construct new facilities in the HSD.

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