Document Title M N D Miwok Elementary School
Type Mitigated Negative Declarations
SCH# 2005102059
County Name Sacramento ( North CA Region )
Lead Agency Elk Grove Unified School District
The proposed project would involve the design, construction, and operation of a K through 6th grade elementary school within a 10.7-acre site at the intersection of Gilliam Drive and Dorcey Drive. The proposed elementary school site would have 59,000 sq. ft. of buildings and would offer classrooms, administration buildings, turf fields, hardcourts, multi-purpose facilities, and an on-site library for student use. The attendance boundary for the proposed elementary school would be Poppy Ridge Road to the north, Franklin Boulevard to the west, Bilby Road to the south and an unnamed road to the east. A total of 107 parking spaces would be included on-site for staff and visitor use. The proposed project would consist of seven permanent single-story structures with 41 permanent classrooms, up to 10 portable classroom units, and a portable workroom. Building heights would range between 18 and 29 feet. Vehicular and pedestrian access to the site would be available via Gilliam Street and Dorcy Drive. The campus buildings would be connected internally by open walkways and landscaping features. The proposed project is scheduled to begin construction in the fall of 2006 and would be completed by the fall of 2007 in time for the beginning of the 2007-2008 school year.

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