Document Title D E I R - U C S C Marine Science Campus
Type Draft EIRs (All Types)
SCH# 2001112014
County Name Santa Cruz ( North / / Coastal CA Region )
Lead Agency University of California, Santa Cruz
The proposed project is the UCSC Marine Science Campus Coastal Long Range Development Plan (CLRDP) and five near-term projects. The CLRDP building program includes a net 529,856 square feet of new development for the following uses: marine research and education; outdoor research areas; support facilities; housing facilities including apartment/ townhouses units, Researcher Housing Rooms, overnight visitor accommodations, caretaker replacement quarters; equipment storage and maintenance; and a seawater system expansion. The five near-term projects are a shared campus warehouse and laydown facility, a sea otter research and conservation center, a U.S. Geological Survey Western Coastal and Marine Geology facility, 42 apartment/townhouse units, and an expansion of the Center for Ocean Health.

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