Document Title M N D Stone House Elementary School
Type Mitigated Negative Declarations
SCH# 2005042081
County Name Sacramento ( North CA Region )
Lead Agency Elk Grove Unified School District
EGUSD is proposing to construct and operate an elementary school facility with capacity to accommodate approximately 850 to 1,100 students on a traditional or year-round calendar. The proposed school facility, Stone House Road Elementary School, would be located on approximately 14.8 acres adjacent to Rancho Murieta
in Sacramento County. The project would replace the existing Cosumnes River Elementary School, which is at full capacity. The proposed project would include construction of approximately 61,000 square feet of
elementary school building space, surrounded by paved and turfed play areas. The building area would consist of approximately 36 permanent teaching stations (expandable to 443teaching stations), a kitchen, a library, a multipurpose building, classrooms, administration
buildings, a day-care center, and support facilities. Play areas would consist of turfed playfields (including two baseball diamonds, a soccer field, and kinder play area), a paved playground, and hardcourt basketball areas. Outdoor security lighting would be provided for school
facilities, but the playfields would not be intended for nighttime play and lighting would not be provided for that purpose. Roadway improvements would be required to bring Stone House Road conditions up to a level that would adequately serve the project’s required level of traffic;
with the roadway that would be incorporated into the project, the entire project area is approximately 15.8 acres.

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