Document Title M N D Animo Venice Charter High School Expansion Project
Type Mitigated Negative Declarations
SCH# 2005061006
County Name Los Angeles ( South / Coastal CA Region )
Lead Agency Los Angeles Unified School District
The proposed project would expand the Charter High School to include grades 10 through 12, with an increase of up to 420 students. This would bring the total student population to a maximum of 560 students, with 29 staff members. The proposed expansion would occur in two phases with project buildout anticipated in 2007. Phase 1 would include the addition of seven modular units and a bus drop off along Broadway Avenue. In addition, a two-story, 30 foot, approximately 26,664 sf building would be constructed along Norfolk Avenue. Phase 2 would include the removal of all of the modular structures, which would be replaced with an approximately 6,840 sf multi-purpose room as well as a lunch shelter. In addition, two structures containing approximately 14,754 sf of floor area would be added along Norfolk Avenue and California Avenue. An auto drop-off area would be created along Norfolk Avenue, with a sidewalk to provide safe access for students entering and exiting the High School. At buildout, the Charter High School would contain approximately 37,000 sf of floor area and would provide 26 classrooms, administration and support areas, a kitchen, a multi-purpose room and a lunch shelter. A 31 space on-site parking lot would be accessed from California Avenue opposite Linden Avenue. Landscaping would be planted internal to the site to the east of the two-story building along the site's eastern perimeter.

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