Document Title F E I R San Joaquin Delta College Mater Plan
Type Final EIRs (All Types)
SCH# 2005112092
County Name San Joaquin ( North CA Region )
Lead Agency San Joaquin Delta Community College District
The proposed project includes the construction of specific new buildings, additions to existing buildings, demolition of existing buildings and new infrastructure such as roads and utilities and changes to parking areas. The Master Plan envisions a full-time equivalent student population of 17,674 by 2015 - an increase of approximately 2,440 students (16 percent) from the current population. However, the primary goal of major new projects is campus modernization and upgrade of existing outmoded facilities. The proposed action is designed to achieve the Master Plan's goal of pulling together parts and pieces of the various departments into more logical placement on campus. The proposed action would divide the campus into six primary neighborhoods which would overlap to create areas of mutual interest and shared facilities.

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