Document Title Landfill No. 2 Expansion And Mrrf - Usmc 29 Palms Ea Mnd
Type Mitigated Negative Declarations
SCH# 2006121023
County Name San Bernardino ( South CA Region )
Lead Agency San Bernardino County
The current permit for the U.S.M.C. 29 Palms Disposal Facility was last approved by Board on September 12, 2001. The following changes are being made: Solid Waste Landfill to Solid Waste Landfill/Transfer Processing Facility, 57 total acres/52.9 disposal acres to 128.5 total acres/69 disposal acres, 57 peak tons per day to 100 peak tons per day, elevation from 2,215 to 2,252 feet above mean sea level, capacity from 2,195,000 cubic yards to 10,945,000 cubic yards, estimated closure date from June 2007 to October 2076. Permitted traffic volume will be 33 vehicles per day. Permitted hours are 7:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday-Friday.

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