Document Title Preparation And Adoption Of The City Of Rancho Cordova Source Reduction And Recycling Element And Household Hazardous Waste Element
Type Other Project Documents
SCH# 2005092116
County Name Sacramento ( North CA Region )
Lead Agency Rancho Cordova, City
Other docs- As a newly incorporated City, Rancho Cordova is required to comply with the requirements of the California Integrated Waste Management Act (AB 939). Conceptually, AB 939 requires California municipalities to comply with both landfill diversion mandates and planning and reporting requirements. The planning requirements mandate that all cities and counties prepare, adopt and submit planning documents to the California Integrated Waste Management Board. The required planning documents include a Source Reduction and Recycling Element, a Household Hazardous Waste Element and a Nondisposal Facility Element. The SRRE and HHWE are analyzed in the Initial Study and identify the programs that the City will implement to comply with AB 939.

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