Document Title Petakovich Tpm (tpm 20810rpl1/er04-08-006)
Type Other Project Documents
SCH# 2005121083
County Name San Diego ( South / / Coastal CA Region )
Lead Agency San Diego County Department of Planning and Land Use
Support Docs- The proposed project will be a minor residential subdivision of 6.7 acres that will be split into 4 parcels with a minimum lot size of 1.00 acre each and a remainder parcel measuring 2.14 acres. There is an existing single-family residence on the remainder parcel. The new parcels will contain pads for single-family residences. The parcels are approved for septic and water service will be provided for by the Fallbrook Public Utility District. The current zone is A70 (Limited Agriculture), which requires that a net minimum lot size of 1 acre be maintained. The entire project will be served by the following districts/agencies: Escondido Union Bear Valley Elementary/Union High School, City of Escondido Utility District, and the Escondido Fire Protection District.

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