Document Title Shasta Street Drainage Improvement Project
Type Other Project Documents
SCH# 2005112083
County Name Solano ( North CA Region )
Lead Agency Vallejo Sanitation and Flood Control District
Neg Dec- The VSFCD is proposing the construction and operation of a new storm drain system from the intersection of Tennessee and Shasta Streets, south along Shasta Street to the 108-inch Solano Avenue storm drain at the intersection of Shasta Street and Solano Avenue. New curb-side inlets constructed north of Tennessee Street would consist of vane grates with 3-inch by 6-inch openings. These grates are designed to capture high-velocity gutter flow and can pass leaves and other small debris. South of Tennessee Street, the tree cover is less dense, and standard inlets would be used. New curb-side drainage inlets will be constructed along Shasta Street at all crossings. The 18-inch-diameter drainage pipe along Shasta Street, from Springs Road to Solano Avenue would be replaced.

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