Document Title Costco Demolition And Replacement Nop
Type Other Project Documents
SCH# 2005092058
County Name Butte ( North CA Region )
Lead Agency
The proposed project consists of the following proposed components: A General Plan Amendment A parcel map to modify the parcel line A use permit to allow a gas station with a 2,816 square foot canopy, 16 fueling positions and stacking for an additional 32 vehicles. Review and approval by the Architectural Review Board or Planning Commission for the proposed site plan, landscape plan, and building design, colors and materials. Demolition of an existing 122,976 square foot Costco retail store, and tire center, with 564 parking stalls on the 10.33-acre parcel. The existing store pad would not be removed. Construction of a 148,663 square foot Costco store, tire center, and a gas station. A parking lot with 916 spaces would also be added.

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