Document Title M N D Browns Valley Irrigation District - Dry Creek Tailwater Recovery Project
Type Mitigated Negative Declarations
SCH# 2008122105
County Name Yuba ( North CA Region )
Lead Agency Browns Valley Irrigation District
3. Project Description: Browns Valley Irrigation District (BVID) is proposing a tailwater recovery project (Project) that will relieve irrigation water supply constraints by pumping water from Dry Creek at times when Dry Creek flows are primarily composed of tailwater from irrigated lands draining to Little Dry Creek. This influx of tailwater raises Dry Creek's temperature by 4-5? Celsius and introduces sediment, nutrients, and other pollutants to the Creek approximately 1.8 miles upstream of its confluence with the Yuba River. By pumping from Dry Creek downstream of the confluence with Little Dry Creek, the project will remove some of the reclaimed water will be applied on rice lands where the elevated water temperature benefits rice will reduce the District's demand for water divided directly from the Yuba River, this balancing in diversion flows from the Yuba River. The Project proposes flow diversion of up to a maximum of 10 cfs from Dry Creek.

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