Document Title M N D Lompoc Valley Senior Community Center-dr 08-07, Lom 587
Type Mitigated Negative Declarations
SCH# 2008121027
County Name Santa Barbara ( South / / Coastal CA Region )
Lead Agency Lompoc, City of
A request by Dan McCaffrey, Parks & Recreation Director, representing the City of Lompoc, for Planning Comminnion review and consideration of the following: 1) LOM 587-a Lot Line Adjustment to reconfigure the size and dimensions of 2 existing parcels by moving the lot line on the west side of Parcel A, the site of the new Lompoc Valley Senior Community Center, approx 100 ft to the west. The size of the newly configured parcel will increase to approx 83,000 sf. The number of parcels will remain the same. 2) DR 08-07-A Development Plan to convert an existing 15,000 sf space into the Lompoc Valley Community Center. The Lompoc Valley Senior Community Center includes dining rooms, kitchen, lounge, classrooms, offices, meeting rooms, restrooms, library, adn game room. The plan includes construction of a covered entry to the east, an approx 6,750 sf landscape outdoor patio area adjacent tot he existing building, and 18 new parking spaces.

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