Document Title D E I R Kaiser Permanente San Leandro Mixed-use
Type Draft EIRs (All Types)
SCH# 2008012056
County Name Alameda ( North / Coastal CA Region )
Lead Agency San Leandro, City of
Kaiser proposes to develop the southern ~38 acres of the site with a Kaiser Permanente Medical Center. The Kaiser Medical Center would be implemented over two or more phases, commencing with the construction of a hospital, a hospital support building, and a central utility plant to open between 2013 and 2015, and ending with the completion of the final increment of construction on or before January 1, 2030. Phase 1 shall consist of an ~436,000 sf, 6 story hospital of up to 264 beds; a 275,000 sf Hospital Support Building (HSB) of up to 6 stories; a 31,000 sf Central Utility Plant (CUP); a 20,000 sf outdoor service yard; and parking necessary to meet the parking demand at any particular phase of construction. Total parking for Phase 1 would include up to 2,100 stalls on a surface parking lot. Build-Out of the Kaiser Medical Center may include the potential expansion of the hospital and/or the construction of new medical offices or other uses after the initial complement of construction is completed and through January 1, 2030. Build-Out could include expansion of the Kaiser Medical Center by an additional 375,000 sf, including a 175,000 sf, 120 bed expansion of the hospital, the construction of two 100,000 sf medical office buildings, and the construction of structured parking depending on Kaiser's facility requirements for the delivery of health care to its members and the community.

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