Document Title D E I R Gordon Water Line Relocation
Type Draft EIRs (All Types)
SCH# 2009122061
County Name Solano ( North CA Region )
Lead Agency Solano Transportation Authority
Solano Transportation Authority (STA) proposes to relocate the Gordon Water Line (a new 12-inch water line) within the Rockville Road right-of-way between Suisun Valley Road and a point west of Green Valley Road. The relocated Gordon Water Line would connect the 24-inch Gordon Water Line running within Suisun Valley Road with the existing 14-inch Green Water Line. The relocated Gordon Water Line would be located within the existing right-of-way of Rockville no additional right-of-way would be required. The line would be located within the existing shoulder of Rockville Road at a standard depth of 42 inches to top of pipe, except at the eastern terminus where the line would be 30-36 inches deep for the last 300+/- feet prior to Suisun Valley Road.

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