Document Title G P 2030 Sacramento General Plan
Type Other Project Documents
SCH# 2007072024
County Name Sacramento ( North CA Region )
Lead Agency Sacramento, City of
The 2030 General Plan defines comprehensive land use, noise, housing, circulation and infrastructure, public service, resource conservation, and public safety policies for the entire city. While policies regarding future land use and growth are addressed from a citywide perspective, the majority of land use changes are limited to approximately 77 key opportunity areas and four focused study areas of opportunity within the city. In addition, five areas of interest outside of the city have been defined as potential future expansion areas, for which comprehensive planning has not yet been undertaken. The city is also divided into ten Community Plan areas, for which additional policies will be developed: Arden-Arcade, Central City, East Broadway, East Sacramento, Land Park, North Natomas, North Sacramento, Pocket, South Area, and South Natomas. The environmental analysis of the South Area Community Plan will be slightly more expansive than the other nine Community Plan areas. The four focused study areas are: Richards Boulevard, Robla, Arden Fair/Point West, and 65th Street/University Village. The five areas of interest are: Natomas Joint Vision Area, Arden-Arcade, Florin Fruitridge, Town of Freeport, and the East Area. Accordingly, the MEIR will comprehensively address the impacts of all policies throughout the city and the ten Community Plans, as well as focus on those four focused study areas in which the most significant land use changes could occur. Policies for the five areas of interest will also be discussed.

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