Document Title D E I R Foster Farms Dairy #4 Expansion
Type Draft EIRs (All Types)
SCH# 2007042083
County Name Stanislaus ( North CA Region )
Lead Agency Stanislaus County
The project sponsor has applied for a Use Permit to expand an existing dairy by adding 4 freestall barns, a maternity barn, a proposed rotary milk barn and nine exercise pens so that the modified dairy would house a total of 3,520 cows. This would represent an increase of 2,690 cows from existing numbers. All construction would occur within the existing footprint of the facility on land that has previously been graded for construction of the existing barns and corrals. Demolition of existing shade structures, open corrals, and a dairy barn would occur with project implementation. The project also includes a water treatment pond to be built in the location of the existing facility would be necessary to house the proposed increased herd.

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