Document Title E I R Sunrise Mall Redevelopment Project
Type Final EIRs (All Types)
SCH# 2008062027
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Steadfast BLK-LLC is proposing a phased plan for the expansion of Sunrise Mall, known as the Sunrise Mall Development Project. The project is located in the City of Citrus Heights, within a 10-block commercial area known as the Sunrise MarketPlace. The Sunrise MarketPlace is composed of over 500 businesses and 70 property owners, which serve primarily as a retail shopping area with some office uses. The MarketPlace serves as the City's economic core and main gathering location for the community. The Sunrise Mall serves as the anchor for this important commercial area. The project will be implemented in two phases. Phase 1 construction consists of the following: - Development of 6 building pads for future restaurants, including 2 drive-thrus - Development of 4 building pads for retail or financial uses, including 1 drive-thru for a financial institution These buildings would ring the major street frontages and place dining establishments, banks and retail buildings up to the street. Phase I would result in 77,300 sf of new construction, and 9,718 sf of demolition, for a net increase of 67,582 sf. Phase 2, the Future Redevelopment Scenario, would include the demolition of 20,000 SF, and construction of 126,694 SF of new building space, and may include construction of a parking structure. The net increase in building area for Phase 2 would be 106,694 SF. In addition to retail space, Phase 2 would provide for a 71,000 SF theater with approximately 3,000 seats (the existing 14,891 SF, 1000-seat theater inside the mall would be converted to general retail use). The total net increase in building area for both places would be 174,276 sf.

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