Document Title D E I R East Bay Municipal Utility District Water Supply Management Program 2040
Type Draft EIRs (All Types)
SCH# 2008052006
County Name Multiple Counties
Lead Agency East Bay Municipal Utility District
The EBMUD proposes to adopt and implement WSMP 2040 which estimates water supply needs to the year 2040, and proposes a program of policy and project initiative to meet those needs. WSMP 2040 identifies and recommends a Preferred Portfolio of solutions to meet dry-year water needs through 2040. In Normal and Above Normal water years there is sufficient precipitation in the Mokelumne River Basin to provide EBMUD with an adequate supply of water under its Pardee and Camanche municipal water rights. In drier years, there is inadequate Mokelumne River flow conservations and recycling programs. Therefore, it is essential for EBMUD to develop dry-supplies would supplement - but not replace - EBMUD's existing water rights and supply from Mokelumne River. Increased water demand through 2040 by other water agencies that rely on the Mokelumne Basin for their supply, expected growth within EBMUD's own service area, and the potential effects of climate change on river flow or primary drivers behind why EBMUD cannot rely in the future only upon stored water in its existing reservoirs during times of drought. ESMP 2040 has been prepared to counteract future dry year water supply shortages.

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