Document Title D E I R Lafco 3076-consolidation Of The San Bernardino Valley Water Conservation District
Type Draft EIRs (All Types)
SCH# 2007091035
County Name San Bernardino ( South CA Region )
Lead Agency San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District
NOTE: Review Per Lead The project involves the expansion of the treatment plant, which is located in the Sunol Valley in an unincorporated portion of Alameda County on the west side of Alameda Creek ~3.4 miles north of Calaveras Reservoir. The proposed project involves the construction and operation of a new 17.5 MG treated water reservoir, 3.5 MG chlorine contact tank, flocculation and sedimentation basin, construction of new effluent pipelines within the SVWTP, and a new 78 inch pipeline connecting the new treated water reservoir to the existing 78 inch plant discharge pipeline, which transports water from the plant to the existing Alameda Siphons. The proposed project would improve treatment reliability by increasing the plant's sustainable capacity to 160 million gallons per day and bring the SVWTP in compliance with CDPH.

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