Document Title F E I R University Hills Specific Plan Vol 2
Type Mitigated Negative Declarations
SCH# 2007071155
County Name San Bernardino ( South CA Region )
Lead Agency San Bernardino County
NOTE: Reference SCH# 1991012055 The project proposes 980 residential units on 169.3 acres within a site that encompasses 404.3 acres. Housing densities range from 3.1 up to 20 units per acre with a gross density of 2.4 units per acre and a net density of 5.8 units per acre. Compared to the previously approved project, Paradise Hills Specific Plan, the University Hills project proposes to concentrate units mainly below or south of the San Andreas Fault which traverses the site, and eliminates units in upper Badger Canyon. The project has 8.1 acres of developed parkland/trails and 235 acres of natural open space.

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Source Document 139.18 MB
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