Document Title D E I R Las Encinas Hospital 2007 Mater Development Plan
Type Draft EIRs (All Types)
SCH# 2007071094
County Name Los Angeles ( South / Coastal CA Region )
Lead Agency Pasadena, City of
The project proposes a Master Development Plan to increase community care services with approximately 24.7-acre site by increasing assisted living beds from the current 9 beds to a total of 81 beds and independent living units would be increased from 85 existing to 230 total units. The proposed project would provide expanded medical (psychiatric) office space from the existing 15 units (14,174 square feet) to 31 total office units (an additional 45,407 square feet). In addition, a new psychiatric hospital of 120 beds would be constructed to consolidate psychiatric patient care in a single, secure, modern facility. The proposed project would involve removing approximately 44,398 square feet of existing structures and building 309,012 square feet of new structures for a total building square footage with the project of 528,505 square feet.

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