Document Title D E I R Exploratorium Relocation Project
Type Draft EIRs (All Types)
SCH# 2007052052
County Name San Francisco ( North / / Coastal CA Region )
Lead Agency San Francisco, City and County of
NOTE: Extended Review per Lead The Exploratorium proposes to relocate from the Palace of Fine Arts at 3601 Lyon Street, to Piers 15/17, along The Embarcadero, on the waterfront (Assessor's Block 9900, Lots 15, 15H, and 17). The Project Site, owned by the Port of San Francisco (Port), is comprised of the 136,145-gross-square-foot (gsf) Pier 15, 110,615-gsf Pier 17. 11,773-gsf Connector Building, a paved parking area ("Valley"), a 1,579-gsf office shack in the Valley, and a 235-gsf office addition on the Pier 17 north apron. Piers 15 and 17 are contributing resources to the San Francisco Embarcadero National Register Historic District. The Exploratorium proposes to lease from the Port Pier 15, a portion of Pier 17, the Connector Building and Valley, plus a portion of the east apron (which is the area between the building and the water's edge), for use as a museum. The Exploratorium also proposes to lease Pier 17 to and to possibly expand the museum program into Pier 17 in the future. Until then, the Exploratorium would lease Pier 17 to commercial, light industrial and restaurant or other retail users. The existing office shack and much of the Valley paving would be removed to expose the water and would feature an outdoor exhibit area providing public access to the Bay. The Exploratorium is in negotiation with a current on-site maritime tenant in Pier 15 to relocate its operations from Pier 15 to Pier 17. The Pier 17/19 water basing would be dredged to accommodate this maritime tenant's tugboats. The Project also would include temporary berthing of ceremonial and navy ships on the east apron and a water taxi landing on the south apron.

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