Document Title D E I R City Of Los Angeles Community Recycling And Resource Recovery
Type Draft EIRs (All Types)
SCH# 2007041015
County Name Los Angeles ( South / Coastal CA Region )
Lead Agency Los Angeles, City of
NOTE: Review Per Lead-Extended The project site is used as a solid waste facility and a recycling and resource recovery operation which is currently permitted for a 1,700 tons per day (TPD) transfer station/materials recycling facility MRF and which for recycling receives approximately 1,200 TPD of construction materials, 1,200 TPD of organics, 350 TPD of source-separated supermarket trim and cull, and 150 TPD of source-separated wood waste. The Proposed Project includes construction of an ~107,00 sf enclosure building with air filtration system to be located over the existing source-separated green waste, supermarket trim and cull, and wood waste areas, with 40 parking spaces (already existing), and a revised Solid Waste Facilities Permit for the entire facility. The purpose of the revised permit is to consolidate all resource recovery operations under one comprehensive permit in order to respond to new recycling industry regulations. Under the new permit, the applicant is seeking approval to receive up to 2,000 TPD of construction material, up to 1,500 TPD of source-separated green waste, up to 500 TPD of source-separated supermarket trim and cull, and up to 200 TPD of source-separated wood taste. The applicant is also seeking to increasse the permit for the transfer station/MRF to 2,500 TPD. The permit increase in tonnage over time would require up to one additional shift to be added to the operations.

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