Document Title D E I R Gavilan Hills Specific Plan Vol 3
Type Draft EIRs (All Types)
SCH# 2007041067
County Name Riverside ( South CA Region )
Lead Agency Riverside County
The Project sit eis 1,301.0 acres. Project sponsor, Watt Communitties, has submitted applications for Specific Plan No. 308, Amendment No. 1 (SP308A1), General Plan Amendment No. 00662 (GPA0062), Change of Zone No. 06730 (CZ06730), and Tentative Tract Map No. 31554, to Riverside County. SPA308A1 proposes provides for 457 single-family residential units covering 598.2 acres (1-acre minimum lot size), a 18.1-acre school site, 66.1 acres of land devoted to active and passive park uses and a parking lot for the adjacent Harford Springs Reserve, 397.9 acres of open space, 200 acres of land to be dedicated as a Biological Reserve (and is intended to be conveyed to the Riverside County Parks and Open Space District as an expansion of the Harford Springs Reserve), and 20.9 acres devoted to on-site public roads. GPA662 proposes to provide for the addition of 423.7 acres to the eastern boundary of the Gavilan Hills Specific Plan No. 308. The proposed Amendment also would amend Table 3 of the LMWAP to change the description of SP 308 from "Gavilan Hills Golf Course" to "Gavilan Hills Estates" and would modify LMWAP Figure 4, Policy Areas, to reflect the revised boundaries of Specific Plan No. 308. CZ6730 proposes to redesignate the site from "Residential Agricultural (R-A-2)," "Residential Agricultural (R-A-5)," and "Residential Agricultural (R-A-10)," to "Adopted Specific Plan 308 (SP 308)" for the 423.7-acre area proposed to be added to the Gavilan Hills Specific Plan, and to reconfigure planning area boundaries, zoning regulations, and development standards for the 877.3 acres within the existing SP 308 boundaries. The Change of Zone (CZ 6730) also is intended to apply zoning and development standards to the 423.7-acre parcel that is proposed to be added tot he SP boundary under SP308A1. TR31554 proposes to implement the land uses proposed by Amendment No. 1 tot he Gavilan Hills Specific Plan (SP 308). The tentative tract map proposes 457 residential lots with a minimum lot size of one (1) acre, 15 open space lots totaling 188.23 acres, one (1) park site totaling 68.2 acres, and one (1) school site totaling 18.1 acres.

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