Document Title F E I R Highland Fairview Corporate Park: Pa07-0088, Pa07-0089 (gpa), Pa07-0090 (tpm 35629), And Pa07-0091 Vol 4
Type Final EIRs (All Types)
SCH# 2007101132
County Name Riverside ( South CA Region )
Lead Agency Moreno Valley, City of
Vol 4 of 7: The project is generally described as a tentative parcel map to subdivide a 158.4 acre portion of land into four separate buildable parcels and two parcels dedicated for freeway improvements, with the first phase to include a plot plan for a 1,820,000 square foot distribution warehouse building (total of 2,620,000 square feet for the entire development) on approximately 85 acres. The project site and relevant offsite areas encompass approximately 265.3 acres. The proposed project site currently lies within the BP (Business Park) and CC (Community Commercial) land use districts and will require a change of zone to LI (Light Industrial) for all proposed industrial warehouse uses and a General Plan Amendment for the elimination of a required multi-use trail over Highway 60 and adjustment of the trail to the north side of future Eucalyptus Avenue as well as the adjustment of parcel lines and land use for two parcels located in the CC land use district. The proposed project is located south of State Route 60, north of Eucalyptus Avenue, east of Redlands Boulevard, and west of Theodore Street.

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