Document Title D E I R Ucsf Medical Center At Mission Bay - Residential Sound Reduction Program For Helicopter Operations
Type Final EIRs (All Types)
SCH# 2008012075
County Name San Francisco ( North / / Coastal CA Region )
Lead Agency University of California
The project is the approval of helicopter operations associated with the UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay project. The Medical Center project site is bordered by 16th Street to the north, 3rd Street to the east, and Mariposa Street to the south. In the future, a new segment of Owens Street will define the western boundary of the project site. The helipad would serve the UCSF Children's Hospital and pregnant women in distress, and its use would be limited to incoming inter-facility (hospital-to-hospital) transports of only those patients with the most critical and life-threatening conditions. Under the existing Medical Center project approvals, the helipad would be situated on the roof of the outpatient building, at the northwest corner of the building just south of 16th Street and just east of future 4th Street. The helipad would be at a height of approximately 140 feet above grade in order to meet Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) obstruction clearance requirements, accounting for existing and future development at Mission Bay. Planned flight paths would be over San Francisco Bay to the extent possible, with the primary arrival path directly from the east and the primary departure path directly to the east. Both of these primary routes would be the shortest and most direct paths from to the Bay and, based on an evaluation of wind conditions, are projected to be used the most frequently. Secondary and alternative departure paths, which would be used less frequently, would extend to the north and then east out to the Bay, or to the west before turning north and then east out to the Bay.

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