Document Title Augustine Bowers Office Park D E I R Vol 1 Of 2
Type Draft EIRs (All Types)
SCH# 2008052065
County Name Santa Clara ( North / Coastal CA Region )
Lead Agency Santa Clara, City of
Demolition of the existing structures on the site and the construction of up to 1,969,600 square feet of office development and 35,000 square feet of retail development. The office/r&d component will be in four towers located on the western half of the project site. Two of the towers will be located on the northern half of the site and the remaining towers will be located on the southern half of the site. The proposal is for buildings up to 14 stories in height and up to 244 ft above ground level. Parking will be provided in four 5-story parking structures. The parking structures will provide 6,495 parking spaces and the surface lots will provide 91 parking spaces for a total of 6,586 spaces on-site. The retail component will be in four one-story retail buildings located on the northeast and southeast corners of Augustine Drive and Bowers Avenue.

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