Document Title Napa County Housing Element Update D E I R
Type Draft EIRs (All Types)
SCH# 2008072011
County Name Napa ( North CA Region )
Lead Agency Napa County
The County is proposing to rescind and replace the Housing Element of its General Plan with an updated Housing Element prepared in conformance with State law. The updated element will contain policies and programs to encourage production of housing, and will also include quantitative objectives for the planning period which extends to 2014 and an inventory of housing sites including sites at Angwin, Moskowite Corner, Spanish Flat, and Napa Pipe. Concurrent with the updated Housing Element, the County proposes to adopt conforming amendments to other sections of the GP, as well as amendments to the Safety and Conservation Elements Update, State comments on the draft Housing Element Update, and a draft of other proposed GP amendments are available on the Country's website.

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