Document Title Antelope Valley And Smithneck Creek Wildlife Areas Land Management Plan N D
Type Other Project Documents
SCH# 2008082031
County Name Sierra ( North CA Region )
Lead Agency Fish & Game #2
The project being proposed is the adoption and implementation of the Land Management Plan (LMP). The LMP will guide the Department's management, planning, and operations of the Antelope Valley Wildlife Area (AVWA) and Smithneck Creek Wildlife Area (SCWA). The purpose of the LMP is to: (1) guide management of habitats, species, and programs; (2) serve as a guide for appropriate public uses of the AVWA and SCWA; (3) serve as a descriptive inventory of fish, wildlife, and native plant habitats; (4) provide an overview of the property's operation and maintenance and of the personnel requirements associated with implementing management goals; and (5) present the environmental documentation necessary for compliance with state and federal statutes and regulations.

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