Document Title D E I R Rio Bravo Ranch Without Appendices
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SCH# 2007101060
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The proposed project involves an amendment to the Metropolitan Bakersfield General Plan Land Use and Circulation Elements, an amendment to the Kern River Plan Element in order to conform to the requested General Plan Amendment land use designations, and a concurrent zone change. The project would allow for approximately 4,688 residential units, approximately 20.39 acres of general commercial, and 43.39 acres of mixed use commercial. The proposed project also includes proposed collector and local roads. In addition, approximately 738.53 acres of land will be reserved for the development of landscaped trails, parks, and open space areas that would link to the Citys existing park and trail system and accommodate the recreational needs of the residents. There is a proposed amendment to the Northeast Bakersfield Specific Parks and Trails Plan in order to expand the plan area boundaries to include all of the proposed project area (the Project area that is generally to the east of Rancheria Road). The amendment would provide a trails system and public parks through the development that will allow for foot access, riding and hiking trails and bicycle trails. The proposed trails will be dedicated to the City of Bakersfield and will be maintained by the City.

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