Document Title Preliminary Draft C E Q A Guideline Amendments For Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Type Climate Change- Greenhouse Gas
SCH# n/a
County Name Multiple Counties
Lead Agency Planning and Research, Office of
OPR released a Technical Advisory in June, 20082, to provide interim advice to lead agencies regarding the analysis of greenhouse gas emissions in environmental documents. The Technical Advisory encourages lead agencies to follow three basic steps: (1) identify and quantify the greenhouse gas emissions that could result from a proposed project; (2) analyze the effects of those emissions and determine whether the effect is significant; and (3) if the impact is significant, identify feasible mitigation measures or alternatives that will reduce the impact below a level of significance.

OPR believes that these preliminary draft Guideline Amendments are consistent with the existing CEQA framework for environmental analysis, including but not limited to the determination of baseline conditions, determination of significance, and evaluation of mitigation measures. For these reasons, OPR does not identify a threshold of significance for greenhouse gas emissions, nor have we prescribed assessment methodologies or specific mitigation measures. The preliminary draft amendments encourage lead agencies to consider many factors in performing a CEQA analysis, but preserve the discretion granted by CEQA to lead agencies in making their own determinations based on substantial evidence. The preliminary draft amendments also encourage public agencies to make use of programmatic mitigation plans and programs from which to tier when they perform individual project analyses.

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