Document Title D E I R Highland Estates San Mateo Vol 2
Type Draft EIRs (All Types)
SCH# 2007052068
County Name
Lead Agency San Mateo County
The Project Applicant is currently proposing a series of actions that would result in the development of 11 residential lots, covering a total of approximately 4.53 acres. The portion of the project site zoned RM would include the development of nine lots, while the other two proposed dwelling units would be constructed on the single-family residential portion of the site. The subdivision plus the additional residential lots would result in a total of 11 single-family home lots, and 92.43 acres of the site would be designated as open space. Lots 1 through 4 would be located along Bunker Hill Drive, along the northern boundary of the site, and lots 5 through 8 would be located along Ticonderoga Drive, along the southern boundary of the site. Lots 9 and 10 would be located at the end of Cobblehill Place at the south side of the project and lot 11 would be located at the end of Cowpens Way in the southwesterly portion of the project site. Additionally, there are 2.08 acres of land owned by California Water Company that are completely surrounded by the 92.43 acres proposed for open space. These 2.08 acres are not part of this project. Access to this water tank area is provided from Yorktown Road.

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