Document Title D E I R Point West Plaza
Type Draft EIRs (All Types)
SCH# 2007122096
County Name Sacramento ( North CA Region )
Lead Agency Sacramento, City of
The proposed project includes the development of a neighborhood center that includes both commercial and office uses. The northern half of the project site (between the Bonfair Avenue extension and Del Paso Road) would feature a combination of small and medium sized retail and service providers in an upscale, walkable layout centered around a large plaza. In addition to the restaurants and stores, approximately 44,600 square feet of office uses would be located in the center of the project along the western boundary. The office complex would feature an extensively landscaped interior courtyard, and is anticipated to include medical service providers. The southern half (below the Bonfair Avenue extension) would be primarily composed of large format retail pads of 181,670 and 80,000 square feet. In addition, several smaller drive-thru restaurants and gas station pads of less than 4,500 square feet would be located in the southern half of the site. The overall project would include 403,849 square feet of retail uses and 44,600 square feet of office uses, for a total of 448,449 square feet. A total of 1,942 parking spaces would be located throughout the complex, and bicycle parking spaces would be located throughout the site.

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