Document Title Dutch Slough Tidal Marsh Restoration Project D E I R
Type Draft EIRs (All Types)
SCH# 2006042009
County Name Contra Costa ( North / Coastal CA Region )
Lead Agency Water Resources, Department of
The Dutch Slough Tidal Marsh Restoration Project proposes to restore tidal action to three diked parcels in eastern Contra Costa County near Oakley. Lease holders currently graze beef cattle on the property. The three parcels total 1166 acres, and are bounded on the south by the Contra Costa Canal and on the north by Dutch Slough. The westernmost parcel is bounded on the west by Marsh Creek, and the easternmost parcel is bounded on the east by Jersey Island Road. The central parcel is seperated from the other two by Emerson Slough on the west and Little Dutch Slough on the east. The Project has three goals: to provide ecosystem benefits including habitats for sensitive aquatic species, to assess the development of those habitats and measure ecosystem responses so that future Delta restoration projects will be more successful, and to provide opportunities for public access, education, and recreation.

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