Document Title D E I R Foothill Parkway Westerly Extension Vol 4
Type Draft EIRs (All Types)
SCH# 2007061044
County Name Riverside ( South CA Region )
Lead Agency Corona, City of
The proposed Foothill Parkway Westerly Extension project is located within the southwesterly limits of the City of Corona and in the unincorporated area of Riverside County within the City's sphere of influence, along the base of the Santa Ana Mountains and would involve the extension of Foothill Parkway as a four-lane roadway, from approximately 600 feet west of Skyline Drive to Green River Road. At Skyline Drive, the roadway would veer to the west into unincorporated Riverside County and continue in an east/west direction along the City/County boundary. The alignment would then curve to the north and connect with Green River Road in the vicinity of Paseo Grande. The project is being designed to protect the existing 108-inch Metropolitan right-of-way acquisition for new landscaping, curbs, shoulders, travel lanes, and landscaped medians. The proposed project also includes up to three new signalized intersections.

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