Document Title Air Resources Board Preliminary Draft Staff Proposal For G H G Thresholds
Type Climate Change- Greenhouse Gas
SCH# None
County Name Multiple Counties
Lead Agency Air Resources Board
With this Staff Proposal, ARB staff is taking the first step toward developing recommended statewide interim thresholds of significance for GHGs that may be adopted by local agencies for their own use. The task that ARB staff is undertaking is, however, a limited one. Staff will not attempt to address every type of project that may be subject to CEQA, but instead will focus on common project types that, collectively, are responsible for substantial GHG emissions Ė specifically, industrial, residential, and commercial projects. ARB staff believes that thresholds in these important sectors will advance our climate objectives, streamline project review, and encourage consistency and uniformity in the CEQA analysis of GHG emissions throughout the State.

Staff intends to make its final recommendations on thresholds in early 2009, in order to harmonize with OPRís timeline for issuing draft CEQA guidelines addressing GHG emissions7 and to provide much needed guidance to lead agencies in the near term.

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