Document Title M N D Bay Division Pipelines 3 And 4 Crossover Facilities Project
Type Mitigated Negative Declarations
SCH# 2008082050
County Name San Francisco ( North / / Coastal CA Region )
Lead Agency San Francisco, City and County Planning Dept.
Three crossover facilities in SFPUC right-of-way to interconnect the SFPUC's Bay Division Pipelines 3 and 4. At each site, the SFPUC would construct a concrete vault, pipes and valves, emergency generator (with propane fuel tank), control panel, and associated utility connections. Crossover valves and connections would be within concrete-lined vaults 61 by 35 feet in area and 20 feet deep. Guadalupe River Site: In Santa Clara's Ulistac Natural Area. Barron Creek Site: In landscaped area at the Veterans Administration hospital complex, Palo Alto (Lat. 37 deg 24' 9.38" N, long. 121 deg 57' 11.28"). Bear Gulch Site: In the corporation yard of the California Water Service Company, Atherton (Lat. 37 deg 25' 54.52" N, long. 122 deg 13' 27.70" W).

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