Document Title M N D Project Casitas Gravity Main At San Antonio Creek
Type Mitigated Negative Declarations
SCH# 2008081007
County Name Ventura ( South / / Coastal CA Region )
Lead Agency Casitas Municipal Water District
The intent of this project is to address the scour of cover over the top of the 56" diameter water transmission pipe. The water main is exposed and is the key water supply from Lake Casitas to the communities of Oak View and Ojai. The water main is filled with chloraminated water and needs to have its cover restored to protect from rupturing. The project will be constructed in October when no or low flow is anticipated in the creek. Should any flow be present it will be diverted around the project site in an effort to mitigate this condition. The proposed pipeline protection will be constructed of 2' minus rock placed parallel to the pipe on both sides. The rock will extend approximately 70' from the bank into the creek bed on both sides of the pipe. In addition, willow stakes will be planted to add to the long-term stability and mitigate any loss of vegetation. Every effort will be made to follow the guidelines set forth in the California Salmonid Stream Habitat Restoration Manual in dealing with the stream bed.

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