Document Title M N D 3757-3771 State Street
Type Mitigated Negative Declarations
SCH# 2008051038
County Name Santa Barbara ( South / / Coastal CA Region )
Lead Agency Santa Barbara, City of
The project consist of the demolition of all site improvements and structures (56,545 sq. ft.), and the construction of four new buildings consisting of 72,209 square feet of commercial/retail space, 15 residential units (13 market rate, 2 moderate-income affordable) comprising approximately 30,356 square feet of living space, and 303 parking spaces. The project site is comprised of four parcels, of which three would be merged, resulting in two parcels. One of the new buildings (referred to as the "Whole Foods/Circuit City" building) would be occupied by Whole Foods Market and Circuit City (an electronics store) and would contain thirteen of the proposed residential units. This 63,796 square foot, three-story building would be located in the southern portion of the site, adjacent to San Roque Creek. Whole Foods Market is anticipated to occupy 43,017 square feet, adjacent to a 20,779 square foot Circuit City. A truck receiving area would be located beneath the commercial structure, and the thirteen residential units would be above it. At the southwest corner of State and Hitchcock, a three-story building containing 2,936 square feet of commercial space and two residential units is proposed (referred to as the "Shops" building). A one-story 4,273 square foot building, anticipated to be occupied by Citibank, would front State Street along the western portion of the site (referred to as the "Citibank" building). Along the western property boundary, a one-story 1,204 square foot retail building is proposed. Parking for the development would occur at-grade (131), in a subterranean parking area beneath the "Whole Foods/Circuit City" building (53) and on the roof the "Whole Foods/Circuit City" building (119). Sixty bicycle parking spaces are proposed. Access to the development would be provided via driveways along State Street and Hitchcock Way. Proposed grading for the project includes approximately 30,500 cubic yards of cut/excavation and 2,300 cubic yards of fill. This grading is primarily associated with the subterranean truck receiving area and parking area. Other development associated with the project includes: restoration and stabilization of Arroyo Burro Creek, creekside restoration and habitat enhancements along San Roque and Arroyo Burro Creeks, pedestrian pathways along the creek corridors, and other public improvements and amenities including new parkway and sidewalk.

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