Document Title D E I R - S R G Chino South Industrial Park
Type Draft EIRs (All Types)
SCH# 2007121019
County Name San Bernardino ( South CA Region )
Lead Agency Chino, City of
The project is a request to construct four concrete tilt-up industrial buildings on approximately 125.06 acres, although the Industrial Park and related roadway dedications will only occupy approximately 73.7 acres. The rest of the site will remain undeveloped and will retain current agricultural and open space zoning and general plan land use designations. Existing structures will be demolished and replaced by the proposed project, consisting of approximately 1,351,430 square feet of warehouse/distribution building space and approximately 102,960 square feet of general light-industrial building space. The warehouse/distribution and light-industrial buildings will consist of one-story, concrete tilt-up and glass construction. The project will be built in one phase, with grading and construction scheduled to commence in early 2009. The project includes a General Plan Amendment from Agricultural (AG)/Transitional Area-Industrial (T) to General Industrial (GI) and a change of zone from AG (General Agricultural) to M2 (General Industrial). Portions of the project site west of the industrial park will remain under existing AG and GS (Greenspace) zoning. In addition to the General Plan Amendment and Zone Change as previously discussed, the project includes the approval of the following land-use applications by the City of Chino; a Site Approval to construct four concrete tilt-up industrial buildings ranging in size from 102,960 square feet to 788,621 square feet totaling 1,454,390 square feet, a Parcel Map to subdivide the existing site into six lots ranging in size from 7.71 acres to 35.99 acres, plus right-of-way dedication and improvements for Fern Avenue, Pine Avenue, and Euclid Avenue, and a Potential Development Agreement.

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