Document Title D S E I R Physicians Hospital Vol 1
Type Draft EIRs (All Types)
SCH# 2008021138
County Name Riverside ( South CA Region )
Lead Agency Murrietta, City of
NOTE: Reference SCH#: 1993032092 The proposed project consists of a five-story, 490,000 square foot hospital and a five story, 160,000 square foot Medical Office Building. The hospital will be developed in two phases: Phase I will consists of 248,706 square feet and Phase II will consist of an additional 241, 294 square feet, estimated. The Medical Office Building will be developed with Phase I of the hospital. The project also includes all required parking, a separate Energy Center building with an emergency generator and separate bulk storage for medical gases. Finally, the project will include a ground level (Phase I)/roof top (Phase II) helipad for emergency transport. A variety of entitlements will be required to implement this hospital complex project.

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