Document Title D E I R Sacramento Aggregates Expansion Community Plan
Type Draft EIRs (All Types)
SCH# 2007072116
County Name Sacramento ( North CA Region )
Lead Agency Sacramento County
A Community Plan Amendment and Rezone to change the community plan land use designations and corresponding zoning for 121 acres on the south side of Florin Road (commonly referred to as the proposed expansion area) from Permanent Agricultural-Extensive to Permanent Agricultural-Extensive with Surface Mining Combining(AG-160)(SM). 2. A Use Permit to allow aggregate mining on 98 acres of the 121 acres rezoned to (AG-160)(SM). Note that the remaining 23 acres, which contain Laguna Creek, will not be mined. 3. A Reclamation Plan Amendment to incorporate the 121 acre proposed expansion area south of Florin Rd into the previously approved Triangle Rock Products reclamation plan (Control No. 01-ZGB-UPB-0107), and to revise the final reclaimed land elevations of certain phases in the previously approved mining area north of Florin Rd. In addition, upon reclamation, the 23 acres of undisturbed land referenced above will be combined with 19.8 acres of reclaimed mined land to form a permanent 42.8 acre expanded, wildlife habitat corridor. This corridor will be planted with native vegetation and portions enhanced to serve as open space/wetland mitigation, and will include a multipurpose trail.

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