Document Title D E I R Matsuoka General Plan Amendment
Type Draft EIRs (All Types)
SCH# 2007062132
County Name Sacramento ( North CA Region )
Lead Agency Sacramento County
The project consists of the following entitlement requests from Sacramento County: 1. A General Plan Amendment to change the land use designation for 387.4 gross acres from General Agriculture (20 acres) to Agricultural-Residential. 2. A Rezone for the same from AG-80 to AR-5. 3. A Vesting Subdivision Map to create 77 lots and 3 open space lots on 387.4 gross acres. 4. A Special Development Permit to reduce the size of the lots from 5 acres to 2.4 to 3.5 acres and to reduce the 250-feet of public street frontage for 43 lots. 5. An Affordable Housing Plan consisting of the payment of in-lieu and affordability fees. Note: The developer has chosen to pay in-lieu and affordability fees to meet the affordable housing obligation instead of constructing affordable housing units at the site.

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