Document Title D E I R Ellis Specific Plan Vol 1
Type Draft EIRs (All Types)
SCH# 2006102092
County Name San Joaquin ( North CA Region )
Lead Agency Tracy, City of
The project is a Development Agreement (DA) that encompasses both: (1) the Ellis Specific Plan (ESP), including the construction of a 20-acre, family oriented Swim Center (the SP will be analyzed at a "project" level of detail) and (2) the remaining units contemplated by the DA at a Program level. The DA would provide eligibility for the Project Applicant to obtain 3,850 RGAs which would include up to 2,250 units proposed in the ESP. Implementation of the ESP would allow a mix of residential, commercial, office, institutional, and recreational uses. The ESP would accommodate up to 2,250 residential units; 180,000 square feet of commercial uses; and approximately 20 acres of parks and an approximately 12 acre Swim Center in a 20-acre Community Park. The project also includes a GPA to create a new land use designation for the ESP site and annexation of the ESP site to Tracy.

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